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·Development of sawdust particles machine social significance... 2015/6/30 21:46:19
With the development of the society, the development of mineral resources in recession or dried up stage, quite a number of resource-based cities in our country's economic development is in trouble...
·Biomass fuels promotion of driving the development of biomas... 2015/6/30 21:44:43
In recent years, around the air pollution is more and more attention, biomass pellet machine market boomed accordingly, in this year, kunming more scientific and effective, practical and feasible m...
·Feed processing machinery industry development potential 2013/3/28 17:11:57
In the past two years, the prairie machinery sales situation, the domestic machine such as mower, rake, collecting the baling machine, green forage harvester, ensilage, kneading machine and dairy m...
·Biomass fuel enterprise should with the harmonious developme... 2013/3/28 17:09:54
Now it is well known that biomass energy development, countries are vigorously support biomass fuels enterprises, by sawdust particles machine, biomass pellet machine of biomass shaped fuel equipme...

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