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We are professional biomass granule fuel equipment provider, possessing an independent legal personality and coarse and fine processing capacity of equipment parts. We independently research and invent wood pellet production line, from raw material crumbling, drying, screening, pelletizing, cooling and packaging, including mold manufacture. Liyang Jufeng Machinery Co., LTD. has the ability of solving all the problems of the customers without going outside.

To do good work must first sharpen his tools. Biomass briquetting equipment wants to achieve the advantages of smooth running, low noise, high yield and low failure rate, the more important thing, in addition to reasonable process design, is that the granulating machine parts material must be excellent and high processing precision. Liyang Jufeng Machinery Co. particularly is good in heavy industry. Since established in 1997, the company originator considered production quality as the lifeline. Here there is no best, only better. Because people of Jufeng always take strict control of production and follow the principle of putting quality before quantity. Liyang Jufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. wins respect in the field of biomass briquetting equipment and wins public praise in the majority of customers. Jufeng doesn’t need trophies, only need public praise. For decades, Jufeng develops and grows in reputation.

Today we engage in a sunrise industry benefiting other people as well as ourselves. We keep in step with the theme of the times and try our best to save energy, reduce emission and protect environment by low carbon. Sincerely hope you join us, we together make waste profitable and live in low carbon life.We try our best to make contributions to the society while developing.

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