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Viberating classification screen  [Videw:times]
Product details:
Viberating Classification Screen
1.Over 15years experience
2.Simple operation
3.High capacity&efficiency
4.Low consumption
High performance viberating Classification Screen
  — — believe in the power of quality
Main features of our viberating classification screen
1.Low energy consumption, low noise with long operation life;
2.Excellent sealing with seldom dust spillage;
3.Completely sealed structure and automatic discharging, suitable for production line;

Working principle of viberating classification screen
The vibration screen is driven by two vibration motors. When the two vibration motors are performing reserve rotation synchronously, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block will compensate each other in the direction parallel to the axis motor and combine with each other as joint force. Therefore the movement curve of screen is liner one. There is one dip angle on the relative screen surface of the two motor axes. Under the impact of joint force by exciting force and self-gravity force, materials will be tossed up for forward leap liner movement so as to realize material screening and classification
Main technical parameters of  viberating classification screen 
Model SFJZ80*2 SFJZ100*2 SFJZ125*2
Capacity(T/H) 3-5 6-10 8-12
Power(KW) 0.37*2 0.37*2 0.37*2
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