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SZLH top grade pellet mill  [Videw:times]
Product details:
1、JuFeng pelleter has the latest technology adopted to product many kinds of feed.
2、The bearings,oil seal,O-Rings of the drive part are all import.
3、The design,quality and facade of the machine is in the international advanced level.
4、The main drive part uses high-precision gear revolve,with this the production improved 15%-20%.
5、The gear revolve uses high-precision gear grinding,reduced the vibration and strepitus.
6、The outside paint is sprayed.light and fastness.
7、It improves the effciency and reduces the labour intensiyt.
8、The material of conditioning system is stainless steal santitary,the service time of it extend.
9、There are several air inlets to add steam,it made the material heated enough ,the effect of it is better.
10、The engine oil circulating cooling lubrication system improves the cooling and lubrication effect of the key bearings.
Model Information:
Model SZLH35 SZLH400 SZLH420 SZLH508 SZLH578 SZLH678 SZLH768
Capacity 2-8t/h 3-12t/h: 3-15t/h 5-20t/h 8-22t/h 10-30t/h 10-38t/h
Power 55kw 75/90kw 90/110kw 110/132/160kw 160/200kw 200/220/250kw 250/280/315kw
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