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Pulse bag dust collector  [Videw:times]
Product details:

Pulse Bag Dust Collector 
1) ISO9001 
2) Easy operation 
3) High precision 
4) Saving energ

Due to high dust concentration and mass contamination area while quarrying and mining, the company newly designed and electronic pulse bag filter. This dust collector integrates pulse with cyclones and overcomes the former disadvantages of negative pressure condition for cyclone dust collector and positive pressure condition for bag filter. The products meet the requirements of the National Environmental Protection Act. 
While constantly improving the product quality, we cooperate closely with clients,and add new verities and last equipments to meet their needs. According to clients' requirement, we can specially design, manufacture and install for them on the basis of the existing standardized products.
Our present ZXMC series electronic pulse bag filter is widely applicable in the many fields, such as mine mining, electric furnace smelting, machinery manufacturing, chemical products, building materials, cement(cement grinding mill), waste incineration and food precessing etc.
Low vibrating noises, convenient maintenance and operation

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