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Biomass pellet machine before installation check project  [View:Times]

1, the types of biomass granule machine, type and specification should be consistent with need.

2, the appearance of the inspection equipment and the protection of the packing, if there are any defect, damage or corrosion, should be recorded.

3, according to the packing list inventory parts, components, tools, accessories, spare parts, auxiliary materials, factory certification and other technical documentation is complete, and make a record.

4, equipment, and the rotation and sliding parts, at the end of the anti-rust oil clear before, not rotating or sliding, due to check and remove the antirust oil, should besmear again after check.

5, does not need to be installed or installed without the parts, components, accessories, subsidiary material, workers gauge and technical documents, after inspection shall be kept to use the unit.

Above about biomass pellet factory introduces related contents for everyone, I hope to be of help, if you have other questions, welcome to inquire, we will provide you with the best quality service, look forward to cooperating with you!


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