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Feed pellet machine control of feed grain hardness  [View:Times]

Feed grain machine the whole process of pellet feed processing technology, in addition to the feed formulation, processing technology also affects the hardness of particles of feed particles. When we were in the use of feed pellet machine, can be controlled by the following methods of feed grain hardness:

1, material crushing process

In general, the granularity of raw material grinding fine, in the process of quenched and tempered the easier starch gelatinization, the stronger the bonding effect in grain, grain is not easily broken, the greater the hardness, in actual production, according to the production performance of different animals and feed particles tools and the size of the aperture, crushing granularity requires the appropriate adjustments.

2, feed pellet machine mold

Select the appropriate compression mould, can produce the suitable particle. Adjust the position of the cutter, maintain appropriate particle length, can keep the hardness of particles are basically identical. Ordinary mould steel and stainless steel mold production of grain has significant difference.

3, material mixing, add water, and fuel injection

Raw material mix can improve the uniformity of various particle size composition, helps maintain grain hardness, improve the quality of production, feed mixer in water process or a problem, are actively exploring in hard pellet feed production, adding 1% - 1% of the water in a blender, to improve the stability of the particle feed of small particle and hardness. High moisture content after molding of material particles, hardness is small, soft, good palatability, improve livestock and poultry production performance, adding 3% to 4% of oil can significantly reduce the hardness of particles.


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