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Using the attention of the feed pellet machine problem in summer  [View:Times]

Feed pellet machine is indispensable to farmers and biomass energy enterprise machine, it can work continuously throughout the year, greatly improve production efficiency, the enterprise has brought great economic benefits for the enterprise. Now when the high temperature burning hot summer, for feed pellet machine users should be how to ensure the production safety and production? Below small make up to you to introduce the summer use feed pellet machine should pay attention to the problem.

First of all, the summer production when the temperature is very high, so at noon to feed particles function best downtime, wait until the afternoon to start production, and must be carried out on the feed pellet machine equipment such as shading and maintenance, so as not to feed pellet machine equipment production accident caused by the production of higher temperature, feed pellet machine production of raw material also should pay attention to fire prevention.

Second, the feed pellet machine in the production of finished products. Production of finished products, because of lower ignition point of finished product must be attention away from the fire, put it in a cool place, it is best to avoid direct sunlight. Production always best to feed pellet machine equipment parts and engine parts temperature checks, if found, high temperature had better stop recharge, and then start to production work, in order to avoid excessively high engine temperature of feed pellet machine equipment lock, and so on and so forth.

Finally, the summer is the season of harvest wheat straw. For those newly harvested straw, straw crushing after humidity to grasp well, lest produce issue because straw moisture affect production.

Information about above the feed pellet machine is to be here to introduce, thank you very much with your time to pay attention to our product information, giant peak machinery sincerely look forward to your visit and cooperation.


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