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The characteristics of biomass pellet machine  [View:Times]

Our company is specializing in the production of biomass pellet machine manufacturers, for many years with the high quality products and professional services by the vast number of new and old customers consistent high praise. In order to make you more understanding of biomass pellet machine small make up today to introduce the characteristics of biomass pellet machine for you.

Biomass pellet mill roller pressure lubrication part, USES the microcomputer real-time monitoring operation, bearing temperature more than normal use, the microcomputer automatically starting lubrication device protection for bearing lubrication, completely solve the roller lubrication lubrication problem by experience. Lubrication system for microcomputer induction overheating protection lubrication, timing of lubrication and manual pressure lubrication. Use alloy steel forging finishing ring mold, pressure roller, USES the carburizing process of heat treatment, carburizing layer up to 2 mm, wear-resisting degree is generally hot process nearly a dozen times, can be maximized to save the cost of production.

Biomass pellet machine is the agriculture and forestry waste biomass as raw material after crushing processing production into high density and high energy of biomass pellet fuel equipment, its production of biomass pellet fuel is the ideal replace non-renewable energy fuels such as coal, when production not only saves energy effectively, no pollution, low energy consumption and the production process. Biomass pellet machine is a kind of high-quality biomass energy equipment, and production of biomass pellet fuel has small volume, high heat, and very convenient transportation, is also advantageous to circulate in the market, and the production cost is not high, good now complied with the concept of social energy conservation and environmental protection low carbon, is also a kind of equipment is of great market potential.

After watching these, I believe you can better use of biomass granule machine, every machine has its own characteristics, which requires the user to better grasp. Thanks to you for your attention and support to I stand! If you want to know more, then continue to focus on us.


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