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Characteristics of biomass granule pattern in production  [View:Times]

Biomass granule pattern belonging to agricultural machinery, as a result of the development of agriculture is very quickly, so the use of biomass granule machine machine is very widely, in order to let everybody understand the biomass pellet machine machine, biomass fuel particles machine consist of our technical staff of independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights of the new material to machine. At present, throughout the country enjoys a high reputation and market share. Below small make up for your brief laying the material characteristics of granular pattern in production.

1, biomass pellet machine machine is clean and green, green environmental protection machinery. Biomass pellet machine machine adopts automatic electronic butter filling machine, timing quantitative without downtime or artificial gas.

2, biomass pellet machine machine adopts special special stainless steel mold, current fluctuation more even, type of wood material is more beautiful.

Lubrication part 3, biomass pellet machine machine roller is domestic only USES the circulation system of cooling equipment, and microcomputer real-time monitoring operation, through the microcomputer automatic control device to ensure the bearing lubrication and bearing temperature control. Completely solve the roller lubrication lubrication bearing temperature more than normal use by experience the problem of temperature and damage to the bearings.

4, the spindle, ring die and the roller using alloy steel forging finishing, the carburizing process of heat treatment, carburizing layer up to 2 mm, wear-resisting degree is generally hot process nearly a dozen times, can be maximized to save the cost of production.

5, hardening gear grinding wheel, gear shaft, long service life. Biomass granule pattern using sawdust special pressure roller assembly, the service life of the bearing to 2-3 times that of ordinary roller assembly. Biomass pellet machine machine driving gear with high precision gear transmission, using bearings imported from Japan, ring die fast discharge type of anchorear type.

6, configure the custom ring mould lifting device, a person can be quickly high temperature ring die assembly, install the ring mould, simpler and more security; Fully enclosed frequency control of motor speed ground dragon, ribbon, barrel special design; Sawdust is special hoop, put an end to the old machine screw loosening, embrace hoop cracking.

7, fully enclosed frequency control of motor speed ground dragon, screw, barrel specially designed.

Through the above characteristics of biomass granule machine machine production, hope to be able to expand your horizons, our company is engaged in biomass pellet machine machine research and development, production and sales and service as one of the high-tech production and suppliers, for many years, the continuous reform and innovation, to obtain more resources and faster growth. Looking forward to the broad masses of customers have needs of customers to come to discuss the development we will with high quality service for you provide the necessary protection.


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